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Welcome to Macro Man!

Your one stop for knowledge, hints and tips in the world of macros, programming and general automation.
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Welcome to the home of the Macro Man (that's me)

I've created this little corner of the internet so that I can share my knowledge, hints and tips in the world of macros, programming and general automation.

I'm not a programmer - I don't even work in an IT department - I'm just a regular Joe that has a passion for coding. Once upon a time in a payroll bureau, I got extremely frustrated at how manual and repetitive tasks were and decided that enough was enough, I remembered in college I had very briefly been introduced to VBA® and recording macros and decided to look it up again.

A lot of mistakes and searches later, and it was paying off! I now had little buttons that did a lot of my work for me with more speed and accuracy than I could ever hope to achieve. (Some of those macros are still used in that bureau to this day!)

Fast forward nearly 3 years and I regularly undertake VBA®/Excel® consultancy work, I write competently in VBA®/VBS®/PHP/HTML5/CSS3/C#/CMD/SQL - all learnt in my spare time during a job change, 2 house moves and having 2 children.

What's your excuse?...

So what is there to see here?


Well you can check out the code samples, read some of the ramblings (ahem) articles or even drop me a line to say "Hi!" or "You spelt something wrong...". I'm going to build up a glossary of sorts as time goes by so if you want to know how the code works then this will help. In the meantime though, just feel free to ask!

Code Samples

A macro (short for "macroinstruction", from Greek μακρο- 'long') is used to make a sequence of computing instructions available to the programmer as a single program statement, making the programming task less tedious and less error-prone.
Source: Wikipedia

To you and me, that means you spend an hour writing some code - and you save hours of repetitive manual work again and again and again...


These articles are more like the ramblings of my crazy warped mind.

You have been warned...

Okay, so these articles are more aimed at macros and programming in general. Think of them more like a blog that's discussing things in the world of macros and programming. Hopefully they will entice you enough to get involved in the conversation!

Special Mentions

About 90% of my VBA and Excel® knowledge came from the brilliant Ozgrid community.
5% from the macro recorder, and the other 5% from MSDN articles. Go sign up now (it's free!)

Notepad++ is my go-to text editor for a multitude of reasons, from the syntax colourings to the themes to the ability to export code with css to correctly display syntax in html. Basically it's free and it's really cool - so go try it out.

Amrit's future site, when he get's around to it :)

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Want to get in touch or if you feel there is something I can improve about the site - let me know too!